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National and Regional

Given the growing number of activities and enthusiasm for Space Exploration around the globe, this coordinator role gives you the ability to become the voice of the SPROS in your area.

Regional coordinators (RCs) oversee National Coordinators (NCs) and their operations in each region. They assist NCs in maximizing synergies in regional activities. Regional coordinators manage relations with universities and students in particular regions. This structure allows us to maximize our breadth and depth into the ecosystem.

Currently, we are seeking National Coordinators for all countries and, Regional Coordinators for the regions listed below:
South Asia

South East Asia

West Asia

Central Asia

North America

South America

Eastern Europe

Western Europe


Our Team

Sagar Dhaka

Executive Director

Justyna Pelc

Director (Strategy)

Dr. Ujjwal Verma

Director (Research)

Maanik Narayanan

Director (Communication)

The volunteers form the heart of our organisation and play an integral role in carrying out all our initiatives. The society’s management and members are all dedicated volunteers working for advancing space technology for a sustainable future.

Become a volunteer in the following categories:
Events Team

Join our team to gain hands-on experience in organising and managing international space events and challenges like IRC and IRDC.

Graphics and Video Editing Team

Join our team to get the opportunity to design for the global SPROS community.

Social Media Team

If you are social media savvy and would like to contribute to the operations of our social media handles, join us.

Website and Digital Team

If you want to be a part of our website team, contact


If you want to contribute to a team other than those listed here, please contact

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