A vibrant launchpad for next-generation space ideas and innovation

Space Robotics Society (SPROS) is an international organisation dedicated to the advancement of space technology and allied fields. Driven by the belief that space technology and exploration have the power to equip human civilization with unparalleled sustainable solutions, we serve as a vibrant launchpad for space professionals and students to unlock their creative potential to propel next-generation inspiration, ideation and innovation across the entire spectrum of space technology and exploration. We support the development of budding space professionals by providing them with the opportunity to engage in space technology learning, research skills development and more through our global events and competitions.

The Story of Our Evolution

In 2016, during his sophomore year of engineering, our founder Sagar Dhaka joined the space robotics team of his university. After working in the team for two years, he successfully led the organisation of Indian Rover Challenge 2019 as its event manager, which served as the impetus for the creation of the Space Robotics Society.

The Provenance


The 2019 edition of the IRC was the first rover competition of its scale in Asia-Pacific which sparked the formation of many new rover teams in the region.

The Take Off


The 2020 edition of the IRC led to the formation of a small but robust team of like-minded space enthusiasts for the administration and organisation of the competition.

Expanding the Frontiers


The onset of COVID-19 forced us to move to virtual competitions, which gave birth to the International Rover Design Challenge and IPAS Challenge.

Space Robotics Society

(2022- )

With the vision of building a platform for the global space technology community, we began operating as SPROS in December 2021.

Vision & Mission


Our mission is to advance space technology and allied fields for a better, open, limitless and developed future.


Our vision is to be the leading global society dedicated to elevating space technology and its professionals.

Our SPACE Values

SPACE advancement is at the core of our values.

Synergise Efforts

Combining our efforts with those of fellow organisations to help the space ecosystem flourish more profoundly.

Proactive Attitude

Staying ahead of the curve to anticipate and embrace changes in the rapidly changing space industry and environment.

Aim for Outcomes

Putting forth our best effort in all our endeavors to achieve meaningful outcomes that aid us in our mission of space advancement.

Creative Thinking

Encouraging diversity of ideas and imagination in order to drive innovation and develop ingenious solutions.

Exploration with Equity

Implementing policies and practices to achieve equity for each and every space explorer and professional.

Our VITAL Goals

To translate our vision into reality we keep focused towards our goals.


Be the trusted voice for space technology and exploration around the globe

Involve and Inspire

To involve, inspire and grow a diverse global network of all those interested in advancing space technology and allied disciplines.

Technological Innovation

Lead the way in fostering new space technologies and innovation through an interdisciplinary and collaborative environment.

Awareness and Activities

Undertake various events and initiatives across a phygital ecosystem to leverage space exploration and educate the next-generation about the benefits of space technology and its applications.

Learning and Education

Be a platform of choice for space education and learning services.

Our Team

Sagar Dhaka

Founder and Executive Director

Justyna Pelc

Director (Strategy)

Dr. Ujjwal Verma

Advisor (Research)

Maanik Narayanan

Director (Communication)




Lead (Events)


Co-lead (WiSE)


Co-Lead (Wise)